Construction and Finishing of Structures

The Construction and Finishing of Buildings promotion program was prepared by the Ministry of Development and Technology.

The activities carried out under the program are aimed at promoting the industry abroad and primarily include the organization of information and promotion stands at selected industry fairs and conferences. As part of the program, stands will be organized in Russia, the UAE, Ukraine, Germany and France. The organization of national stands at one of the largest international fair events in the industry will contribute to increasing the recognition of Polish products in the world. At the stands, a zone for the organization of B2B meetings will be separated, which will increase the possibility of establishing new contacts with potential contractors.

Each company participating in the program has the opportunity to provide the organizers with a promotional film, which will be displayed on multimedia equipment during the fair. A number of other additional creative activities promoting Polish companies during the events are also planned. Polish entrepreneurs can take part in the events as exhibitors with their own stand or as visitors using the national stand.

If you have any questions or want to participate in the program, please contact the operator of the Industry Promotion Program for the Construction and Finishing of Buildings – M Promotion International Sp. z o.o. CONTACT

Program participants

Companies participating in the program

Addresses of Program

The program is addressed to micro-, small- and medium-sized entrepreneurs who run a business under at least one of the selected categories of activity (PKD 2007).

Note: The Program is aimed at entrepreneurs involved in production, not intermediation or wholesale.


Sprawdź pkd:

  • 16.2 Manufacture of products of wood, cork, straw and plaiting materials – except
  • 16.24.Z;
  • 17.11.Z. Production of pulp;
  • 17.24.Z. Production of wallpaper;
  • 20.1 Manufacture of basic chemicals, fertilizers and nitrogen compounds, plastics and synthetic rubber in primary forms – except
  • 20.11.Z and 20.15.Z;
  • 20.30.Z. Manufacture of paints, varnishes and similar coatings, printing inks and mastics;
  • 20.52.Z. Manufacture of adhesives;
  • 20.60.Z. Manufacture of chemical fibers;
  • 22.19.Z. Manufacture of other rubber products;
  • 22.2. Manufacture of plastic products;
  • 23. Manufacture of products from other non-metallic mineral raw materials;
  • 24. Metal production – except 24.43.Z., 24.46.Z;
  • 25. Manufacture of fabricated metal products, except machines and devices – except 25.40.Z., 25.71.Z .;
  • 26. Manufacture of computers, electronic and optical products – except 26.2., 26.4.,
  • 26.52.Z., 26.6., 26.7.,
  • 26.8 .;
  • 27. Manufacture of electrical equipment;
  • 28.1. Manufacture of general purpose machinery – except
  • 28.11.Z., 28.13.Z.,
  • 28.15.Z;
  • 28.2. Manufacture of other general purpose machinery – except
  • 28.23.Z .;
  • 32.91.Z. Manufacture of brooms, brushes, brushes;
  • 36.00.Z. Water collection, treatment and supply;
  • 41. Construction works related to the erection of buildings;
  • 42. Works related to the construction of civil engineering structures;
  • 43. Specialized construction works;
  • 71.1. Architectural and engineering activities and related technical consultancy.

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Events Calendar

Program Implementation Timescale: January 1st, 2020 – December 31st, 2022.

As part of the program, national exhibition stands will be organized during seven trade fair and conference events in six countries by 31/12/2022. Enterprises interested in participating in outgoing economic missions, combined with participation in international fairs (as visitors or exhibitors) are invited to familiarize themselves with the events calendar.

Currently, recruitment is being carried out for the participation of enterprises in trade fairs and accompanying outgoing economic missions.

Event Location Date Information


InterBuild EXPO 2021, Kiev


30 March – 2 April 2021

The Big 5, Dubai


12-15 September 2021


MosBuild / WorldBuild, Moscow


29 March -1 April 2022

UK Construction Week

Great Britain

03-05 May 2022

Batibouw, Brussels


21-29 May 2022

Batimat 2022, Paris


3-6 October 2022


Currently, recruitment is taking place for the participation of enterprises in the fairs and economic travel missions accompanying them.

Enterprises interested in participating in the industry promotion program 2020-2022 are invited to contact the project coordinator:

Bartosz Staniszewski

Industry promotion program
Construction and finishing of buildings

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