Our programs

Auto and aviation parts

The program is aimed at entrepreneurs promoting a product brand in the Auto and Aviation Parts sector. Check the details of the Industry Promotion Program and take advantage of the opportunity to visit the fair.

Construction and finishing of buildings

The Industry Promotion Program is addressed to entrepreneurs running their own business in the Construction and Finishing of Buildings sector. As part of the program, the Ministry of Development will organize information and promotion stands at 6 fair events in 5 countries

Polish Fashion

The implementation of the Polish Fashion industry promotion program is based on sub-measure 3.3.2: ``Promotion of the economy based on Polish product brands - Brand of the Polish Economy - Brand`` of the Intelligent Development Operational Program. The aim is to promote the Polish economy based on Polish product brands

Machines and devices

The activities are aimed at promoting the Machinery and Devices industry as a whole. As part of the program implementation, National Exhibition Stands will be organized during 6 fair and conference events in 5 countries

About Industry Promotion Programs


The purpose of the Industry Programs is to promote Polish economy based on Polish product brands.  The activities carried out under this task are aimed at promoting individual industries as a whole. Program implementation period: 1st January 2020 – 31st December 2022.


General activities promoting industries implemented by M Promotion International include:


– organization of national information and promotion stands to support Polish entrepreneurs,
– organization of travel missions for Polish entrepreneurs,
– organization of arrival missions,
– preparation of folders and materials promoting the industry
– other additional activities.


Enterprises interested in participating in the industry promotion program 2020-2022
are invited to contact the project coordinators:

Polish Fashion Industry Promotion Program

Klaudia Mazan

Tel: 22 818 00 23



Machines and Devices Industry Promotion Program

Paulina Biernat

Tel: 22 818 00 23


Construction and Finishing of Buildings Industry Promotion Program

Bartosz Staniszewski

Tel: 22 818 00 23



Auto and Aviation Parts Industry Promotion Program

Michał Sobański

Tel: 22 818 00 23