Report from BATIBOUW 2022 fair

Report from BATIBOUW 2022 fair

Another edition of the Batibouw International Fair in Brussels has come to an end. It is the most important exhibition event, lasting over a week, in the Construction and Finishing of Buildings industry in Belgium. This year, the fair was organized in seven exhibition halls covering all areas of construction, architecture and design.

The Polish construction and finishing industry was represented by over thirty entrepreneurs promoting their own brands, who decided to personally participate in the fair and use the space of the Polish information and promotion stand.

Ten Polish companies decided to participate in the event as exhibitors, in addition, Polish companies took advantage of the opportunity to present their products and services at the information and promotion stand by displaying catalogs and leaflets and presenting a promotional film.

At the Polish information and promotion stand, numerous activities were carried out to promote the industry, e.g. a press briefing, meetings with experts, a meeting with the Polish Ambassador to Belgium were organised, and a specially designated area of the stand was used by entrepreneurs to hold B2B meetings, networking sessions and conduct their own promotional activities. Support for Polish entrepreneurs was provided by an expert present at the stand, Mr. Mariusz Wasilewski.

The Batibouw Fair is the fourth and last but one of the fair events as part of the Industry Promotion Program Construction and Finishing of Buildings implemented in 2020-2022 by the Ministry of Development and Technology, where an information and promotion stand was organized.