Automotive and Aviation Parts

Polish Automotive and Aviation Parts Promotion Program was prepared by the Ministry of Development and Technology.

The activities carried out under the program are aimed at promoting the Automotive and Aviation Parts industry abroad and primarily include the organization of information and promotion stands at selected industry fairs and conferences. The stands will be organized in Germany, the USA, Ukraine, France, China, Great Britain and Russia.

The organization of national stands at one of the largest international fair events in a given industry will contribute to increasing the recognition of Polish products in the world. At the stands, a zone for B2B meetings will be separated, which will increase the possibility of establishing new contacts with potential contractors.

Each company participating in the program has the opportunity to provide the program operator with a promotional film, which will be displayed on multimedia equipment during the fair. A number of other additional creative activities promoting Polish companies during the events are also planned. Polish entrepreneurs can take part in the events as exhibitors (their own stand) or as visitors (with the possibility of using the national stand).

During each of the above events, the organization of an external mission is planned.

If you have any questions or want to participate in the program, please contact the operator of the Polish Automotive and Aviation Parts Promotion Program – M Promotion International Sp. z o.o.


Addressees of the Polish
Automotive and Aviation Parts Promotion Program

The program is addressed to micro-, small- and medium-sized entrepreneurs who run a business under at least one of the selected categories of activity   (PKD 2007).

Note: The Program is aimed at entrepreneurs involved in production, not intermediation or wholesale.

Check the pkd code:

  • 22.11.Z Manufacture of rubber tires and tubes, retreading and regeneration of rubber tires,
    22.19 manufacture of other rubber products,
    22.22.Z Production of plastic packaging
    22.23.Z Production of plastic products for construction,
    22.29.Z Manufacture of other plastic products,
    23.12.Z Shaping and processing of flat glass,
    23.19.Z Production and processing of other glass, including technical glass,
    23.91.Z Production of abrasive products,
    24.34.Z Wire production,
    24.52.Z Cast steel casting,
    24.53.Z Casting of light metals,
    25.50.Z Forging, pressing, stamping and rolling of metals; powder metallurgy,
    25.61.Z Metal processing and coating metals,
    25.62.Z Mechanical treatment of metal elements,
    25.91.Z Production of metal containers,
    25.93.Z Production of wire products, chains and springs,
    25.99.Z Manufacture of other finished metal products, not elsewhere classified,
    26.51.Z Production of measuring, control and navigation instruments and devices,
    26.70.Z Manufacture of optical instruments and photographic equipment,
    27.20.Z Production of batteries and accumulators,
    27.33.Z Production of installation equipment,
    27.40.Z Manufacture of electric lighting equipment,
    27.90.Z Production of other electrical equipment,
    28.12.Z Production of equipment and accessories for hydraulic and pneumatic drive,
    28.13.Z Manufacture of other pumps and compressors,
    28.15.Z Manufacture of bearings, gears, gearing and driving elements,
    28.22.Z Manufacture of lifting devices and grippers,
    28.24.Z Manufacture of mechanical hand tools,
    28.25.Z Manufacture of industrial cooling and ventilation equipment,
    28.29.Z Manufacture of other general-purpose machinery, not elsewhere classified,
    28.99.Z Manufacture of other special-purpose machinery, not elsewhere classified,
    29.10. Manufacture of engines for motor vehicles (excluding motorcycles) and for agricultural tractors,
    29.10.E Manufacture of other motor vehicles, except motorcycles
    29.20.Z Manufacture of bodies for motor vehicles; production of trailers and semi-trailers,
    29.31.Z Production of electrical and electronic equipment for motor vehicles,
    29.32.Z Manufacture of other parts and accessories for motor vehicles, excluding motorcycles,
    30.30.Z Manufacture of aircraft, spacecraft and similar machines
    30.91.Z Production of motorcycles,
    32.99.Z Manufacture of other products, not elsewhere classified,
    33.16.Z Repair and maintenance of aircraft and spacecraft,
    45.11. Wholesale and retail sale of passenger cars and vans,
    45.19.Z Wholesale and retail sale of other motor vehicles, excluding motorcycles
    45.20.Z Maintenance and repair of motor vehicles, excluding motorcycles,
    45.31.Z Wholesale of parts and accessories for motor vehicles, excluding motorcycles,
    45.32.Z Retail sale of parts and accessories for motor vehicles, excluding motorcycles
    45.40.Z Wholesale and retail sale of motorcycles, their repair and maintenance as well as wholesale and retail sale of parts and accessories for them,
    46.75.Z Wholesale of chemical products,
    46.69.Z Wholesale of other machines and devices,
    51.22.Z Space transport,
    52.23.Z Service activities incidental to air transport,
    71.12.Z Activity in the field of engineering and related technical consultancy,
    71.20.B Other technical research and analysis,
    72.19.Z Scientific research and development work in the field of other natural and technical sciences,
    74.10.Z Activity in the field of specialist design

    The program is not aimed at entrepreneurs engaged solely in mediation in sale or wholesale of products or services of other manufacturers.

How to participate in the Program?

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Upcoming events

These events will take place in the near future

Events Calendar

Program Implementation Timescale: January 1st, 2020 – December 31st, 2022.

As part of the program, national exhibition stands will be organized during seven trade fair and conference events in six countries by 31/12/2022. Enterprises interested in participating in outgoing economic missions, combined with participation in international fairs (as visitors or exhibitors) are invited to familiarize themselves with the events calendar.

Currently, recruitment is being carried out for the participation of enterprises in trade fairs and accompanying outgoing economic missions.

Event Location Date Information


Aviasvit, Kiev


June 15-18, 2021

AAPEX Las Vegas


November 2-4, 2021


Automechanika, Istanbul


June 2-5, 2022

ILA Berlin Show


June 22-25, 2022

MIMS Automechanika, Moscow


August 22-25, 2022

Automechanika, Frankfurt


September 13-17, 2022

International Astronautical Congress, Paris


September 18-22, 2022

Automechanika, Dubai
November 22-24, 2022


Currently, recruitment is taking place for the participation of enterprises in the fairs and economic travel missions accompanying them.

Enterprises interested in participating in the industry promotion program 2020-2022 are invited to contact the project coordinator:

Michał Sobański

Industry promotion program
Auto and Aviation Parts

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