The program for the promotion of the Polish Fashion industry was prepared by the Ministry of Development and Technology.

The Polish Fashion industry is a sector with great export and image potential to build a strong and recognizable Polish Economy Brand.

The activities carried out under the program are aimed at promoting the entire Polish fashion industry, including the clothing, footwear, leatherware and jewellery sectors, and they mainly include the organization of national information and promotional stands at the industry’s largest and most important fairs. By the end of 2022, stands will be organized during 6 events in 5 countries.

At the organized stands, Polish companies from the fashion industry have the opportunity to present their product lines, display advertising films and hold B2B meetings with contractors. In addition, the national stand staff provides visitors with information about the stands of the Polish companies that are exhibited at given fairs.

Other creative activities such as press briefings and an interactive map of the visitors at the Polish stand are also carried out during the fair.

Micro, small and medium entrepreneurs may receive partial funding of the costs related to participation in the program under sub-measure 3.3.3 “Support for SMEs in promoting product brands – Go to Brand” Smart Growth Operational Programme. Support for entrepreneurs is provided by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development.

The program is implemented under sub-measure 3.3.2 “Promotion of the economy based on Polish product brands – Polish Economy Brand” Smart Growth Operational Programme.

The program is realised by a consortium of companies: M Promotion International Sp. z o.o. and Agencja M Promotion Sp. z o.o.

Program participants

Companies participating in the program

Addressees of the Promotion Program

The program is addressed to micro-, small- and medium-sized entrepreneurs who run a business under at least one of the selected categories of activity (PKD 2007).

Note: The Program is aimed at entrepreneurs involved in production, not intermediation or wholesale.

Sprawdź pkd:

  • 13.92.Z – Production of ready-made textile products
  • 14.11.Z – Manufacture of leather clothes
  • 14.12.Z – Manufacture of workwear
  • 14.13.Z – Manufacture of other outerwear
  • 14.14.Z – Manufacture of underwear
  • 14.19.Z – Manufacture of other wearing apparel and accessories
  • 14.20.Z – Production of fur products
  • 14.31.Z – Manufacture of hosiery
  • 14.39.Z – Manufacture of other knitted clothes
  • 15.12.Z – Manufacture of luggage, handbags and similar purse products; production of saddlery
  • 15.20.Z – Manufacture of footwear
  • 32.12.Z – Manufacture of jewelery and similar
  • 32.13.Z – Manufacture of imitation jewelery and similar products
  • 74.10.Z – Activities in the field of specialized design

The program is not aimed at entrepreneurs engaged solely in mediation in sale or wholesale of products or services of other manufacturers.

How to participate in the Program?

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Events Calendar

Program Implementation Timescale: January 1st, 2020 – December 31st, 2022.


As part of the program, national exhibition stands will be organized during seven trade fair and conference events in six countries by 31/12/2022. Enterprises interested in participating in outgoing economic missions, combined with participation in international fairs (as visitors or exhibitors) are invited to familiarize themselves with the events calendar.


Currently, recruitment is being carried out for the participation of enterprises in trade fairs and accompanying outgoing economic missions.

Event Location Date Information


International Fashion Week


12-14 November 2020


Kyiv Fashion


3-5 February 2021

Momad Madrid


17-19 September 2021


Si SposaItalia Collezioni Milan


1-4 April 2022

JCK Las Vegas


10-14 June 2022

Pure London


17-19 July 2022

ISPO Munich


28-30 November 2022


Currently, recruitment is taking place for the participation of enterprises in the fairs and economic travel missions accompanying them.

Enterprises interested in participating in the industry promotion program 2020-2022 are invited to contact the project coordinator:

Iwona Kiszka

Industry promotion program - POLISH FASHION

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